The Acorn Foundation

Pro admin’s Social Responsibility Partnership with the Acorn Foundation


We believe in giving back and doing good within the communities we do business. Pro Admin have adopted Acorn Foundation as our on-going partner with regards to our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Acorn’s values are:

Fighting Poverty  Restoring Dignity Championing Partnerships Being Accountable Love Respect


About Us


Founded in 2011, Acorn Foundation has a focused vision to nurture and care for vulnerable children, as well as their families and communities, and aim to bring love, joy and dignity back into their lives.

Our Focus


The Acorn Foundation focuses on projects that are sustainable and will make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable children and communities in need. In 2018, approximately 9,329 children, from 13 beneficiaries, will benefit from our support.

Hunger and poverty alleviation through the provision of food packs, nutrition, supplements and water, as well as the creation of vegetable gardens and planting of fruit trees, to becoming more self-reliant.

Restoring dignity by providing clothes, shoes, toiletries and access to health care, as well as funding life-threatening procedures.

Skills development by assisting with the training and skills development of those who care for our beneficiaries. Improving welfare by providing resources and improving living conditions.

Empowering through education by providing learners stationary and other items that they require, ensuring they have a good start to their education.

“There can be no greater gift than that of giving one’s time and energy to helping others without expecting anything in return.”  
Nelson Mandela

Community development by bringing community members together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems, such as poverty and malnutrition. In addition, empowering communities to become more self-sufficient through various programmes and initiatives, such as creating sustainable food solutions and planting fruit trees.

Legal assistance by assisting our beneficiaries with basic governance so that they are able to receive their social grants, enroll their children in schools and obtain birth certificates and ID documentation which children will require later on in their lives.

Greening communities through environmental projects, such as tree planting, recycling, water preservation and green technology projects, as well as assisting with environmental advocacy/governance.

Acorn Foundation

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