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Please contact us on 087 223 0000 press 8 for COVID-19 payment relief applications.

Nature of Arrangement

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  2. Employer Letter confirming your declaration. (If self-employed, own declaration.)

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Due to my inability to meet my payment obligation as declared above, I wish to apply to make a payment arrangement relating to:

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Details of the National State of Disaster

Date of Declaration of National State of Disaster:
15 March 2020

It is specially noted that, in terms of section 27 (5) of the Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002,
that a National State of Disaster can be terminated in the following manner:

A National State of Disaster:

  1. Lapses three (3) months after it has been declared; or
  2. May be terminated by the Minister by notice in the Gazette before it lapses in terms of paragraph (1); and
  3. May be extended by the Minister by notice in the Gazette for 1 (one) month at a time before it lapses in terms of paragraph (1) or any existing extension in place is due to expire.