The Faerie Glen
Nature Village Initiative


Our Community

Good day to you all. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you our exciting initiative to investigate and canvass support to secure the entire Faerie Glen area from Manitoba Dr to Solomon Mahlangu Dr and from Atterbury Rd to the green nature reserve along the mountain with only six controlled gates!

We have provided online forms to ease administration. Please click on the forms below, complete and submit.

Working Together

You can now formally register and financially contribute to this important safety initiative for your area by clicking and downloading the entire FGNV Welcome Pack. The Welcome Pack includes all the project details as well as the cost per house/duet/townhouse

Should you have any questions or want to assist us with the FGNV initiative email us on

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Welcome Circular – Learn more & share with neighbours

Step 1: Complete the Permission online form

Step 2: Complete Membership Agreement online form

Step 3: Indicate your FIRST Deposit Payment option

Step 4: Consider Debit Order Payments