Our Values:






Customer Centricity


Being honest and having strong moral principles.

When a customer realises that a cashier forgot to scan an item and takes it back to the shop to pay for it.


Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling.

The self-driven attitude about your job/ hobby or sport that leads you down the path of success.


The process of translating an idea into a service that creates value for which customer are prepared to pay.

The Mc Donald’s drive-thru concept is based on the principles of a fast Formula 1 pitstop.


A firm belief in the integrity, ability and character of someone or something.

The hope that a parent has when they let their teenager borrow a car.


The obligation and realisation of an individual or organisation to take responsibility for its activities and accept responsibility for them.

When service delivery to a customer fails all the staff that were involved in dealing with the customer take responsibility for the failure.


Do (not only say) everything in their power to put the customer first, they make it a priority to provide exceptional customer service.

A fashion brand created a holistic approach to provide goods and services that seek to provide a top notch experience before, during and after their purchase. They then went on to ask the customers to rate their service.

Business Leadership


Johan Coetzee

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • BCom Law (UNISA)
  • MBA cum laude (Bond)

Johan Coetzee has over 20 years’ strategic business leadership and business planning experience. He implements turnaround strategies, manages strategic high-value projects at Board level, ensuring profitability and overall organisational development for both owner run and management run entities.


  • 15 years: Executive & Board level experience 
  • 20 years: Business & financial performance management
  • Over 15 years: Business & property acquisitions

Johan has ensured business profitability and sustainability for the various organisations he has been involved in. Today, he is focused on customer service, team and individual development in the form of in-house mentorship and the management of staff – creating a positive and pro-active environment for all.

Executive Management Team


Buks Erasmus

Business Development Executive

Johan du Toit

Administration Executive

Jannie Smit

Sectional Title Executive

Brenda Collins

Utilities Executive

Julie Christoforos

Insurance Executive

Marinda Engelbrecht

HR Executive

Compliments & Accolades

Residential Communities

Dear Cathy, Thank you very much.  I have never, never, never gotten such prompt and accurate help from Pro Admin, and I am very grateful to you for it. Thank you again.

 – Frankie Alessio

23 May 2018


Dear Lize, hope you well. Based on the below trail mail and my previous engagements with the team managing my portfolio over the years; I wish to hereby request that the management of my portfolio be kindly placed under the dedicated hands of Cielie. Cielie understands client engagement, and has a methodical approach in the manner of her engagements. She is a driven individual and tangible actions are achieved when she is called on. I am aware my request is not a normal run of your business request; I still plead to you for consider favourably. Please feel free to call on me for any further discussion in this regards.

 –Artish Manohar

Vice President, Third Party Supplier Services Management | Absa RBB RGC | 25 May 2018

23 May 2018


Massiewe dankie aan Suzette Nel: Na vanoggend se telefoon oproep met jou wil ek jou net weereens bedank vir jou vriendelike diens en jou bereidwilligheid om my te kon help. Toe ek skakel het die dame wat my deurgesit het aan my genoem dat jy die kantoor alleen beman aangesien almal uit is met meterlesings. Ek kan net dink hoe moeilik dit moet wees om alleen die kantoor te moet beman en al die navrae te hanteer op een slag en steeds was jy so geduldig en vriendelik en het my dadelik gehelp. Jy is wonderlik en dis werklik aangenaam om met jou te werk.  Baie baie dankie hiervoor. Ek waardeer jou hulp opreg. Ek hoop het ’n wonderlike dag.

 –Ijeanni Koorsen


30 May 2018

Residential Communities

An extract from the Nama Rima Trustee Report Aug 2018: 'On behalf of the trustees we wish to thank Mr Ferdi Visser, our Portfolio Manager and Ms Nikkie Mulder for their invaluable contribution in running the affairs of Nama Rima. Mr Visser is especially thanked for his financial and maintenanc eexperience as well as his knowledge of the Sectional Title Act'

 – Nama Rima Trustees

Aug 2018


Hi Lucia Nkgabutle,
Thank you very much for your response and the wonderful phone call discussion we had over my account.
Your calmness managed to calm me down (I was extremely furious with Pro Admin for their creative accounting in relation with my account) but your approach and humbleness broke down my fury - thank you and keep it up. One wishes you could be the one to deal with all the time in that company. I have received the statement you just sent - thank you. I will go through it and contact you again should further information be required. Have a lovely day. Regards,

 – Khumoetsile Gaesale

2 Oct 2018