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Landlords have a duty to use reasonable care to safeguard their tenants and could be in breach of contract if they fail to do so. But, legal matters aside, providing good security benefits the landlord as well.

We are all prone to blaming others when something bad happens to us, but blaming your landlord because you’ve been burgled isn’t always fair. Crime affects us all and most of us have either had our homes burgled or know someone who has been targeted by criminals. That said, landlords do have a duty to use reasonable care to safeguard their tenants

So what exactly does this mean?
Basically, it all depends on where you live and more importantly, the level of criminal activity in the area. For example, it would be insane not to have burglar bars on your windows and a relatively secure fence or wall if you live in a high- crime area. However, the term ‘reasonable care’ doesn’t mean that the landlord is obliged to install an expensive alarm system, complete with beams in the garden. It simply means that he must, at the very least, take steps to ensure the home is basically secure.

Security is one of the biggest, if not the biggest concern to South Africans and this obviously extends to those who are renting property. A landlord who looks after his tenant by ensuring that the property is well secured is probably going to be able to charge a premium in rent and, and this is the important bit, keep a good tenant in the property for longer.

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State of Disaster – Lockdown 27 March–16 April 2020

State of Disaster – Lockdown 27 March–16 April 2020

Following the announcement by the President on 23rd March, we have considered our operational arrangements in compliance with the order to close all businesses for 3 weeks. In anticipation of this possibility, Pro admin has considered contingency measures to enable us to continue with our normal operations as far as possible. Pro admin’s operational arrangements from Friday, 27th March 2020 will be as follows…

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