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Pro Admin is committed to managing your assets as our priority.

Pro Admin is a leading property services company in South African within the Sectional Title and Home Owners Association (HOA) market. We have 31-years of experience managing over 19 000 units in residential schemes.

Pro Admin offers value-added services such as insurance, electricity and water meter management, sales and rentals, estate management, and new development/developers solutions.

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Sectional Title Schemes & HOAs

With more than 80 property professionals in four branches supporting owners in over 19 000 homes across the country, our Property Management team has the skills, expertise, and geographical reach to meet your specific needs. We deal with the details of your property investment, taking away the hassle, stress, and risk to investors within a building.

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Smart Electricity & Water Management

Pro Admin is one of the founding members of the electricity re-sellers association, ERASA, and is still actively involved in the industry. Vast experience in the Sectional Title field made it clear that there is a huge necessity for the management of water and electricity services on behalf of individual owners, Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations. Through our smart meter technology, we provide state of the art solutions to enable our customers to manage and monitor their consumption in real-time.

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Our in-house brokerage division is registered with the Financial Services Conduct Authority(FSCA) as a Financial Service Provider (FSP). We have 30 years’ experience in the insurance industry and specialise in the requirements of all Community Schemes, Sectional Title Property Insurance, Share Blocks, and Homeowners Associations as well as personal insurance.

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Property Rentals

Pro Admin is constantly re-inventing itself to stay current in the marketplace by implementing sophisticated property management systems, products and services as well as having a qualified and professional team to take care of your investment. READ MORE…

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Compliments & Accolades


Pro Admin Rental staff, you are amazing and professional, keep it up.

I had a wonderful experience with Pro Admin Rentals (Pty) Ltd in their Kirstenbosch Flats, Arcadia, Pretoria. Their service is excellent. The staff was amazing, delightful, and eager to help including their caretaker. I got my refund for deposit in record time.

I highly recommend Pro Admin Rentals (Pty) Ltd to anyone looking for a place to rent in Pretoria.

Kirstenbosch Flats, Arcadia

13 Oct 2023


Thank you all for your prompt assistance. This is the more reason I remain with Pro Admin and highly recommend your services to my friends.


13 Oct 2023


I am satisfied that you are managing this situation with the support of your manager and in line with the guidelines form Pro Admin.

Thank you very much for you hard work.


13 Oct 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you for the excellent administration you are now providing. It makes my workload easier!


13 Oct 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Dankie dat jul ons so mooi help tot dus ver, ek's super impressed met Pro Admin. Nie gewoond aan sulke goeie response tyd en diens nie. Ons is self in die service industry, so weet hoe dit moet wees. So waardeer jul regtig baie!


13 Oct 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

On behalf of Brinks Body Corporate and the new Trustees we would like to thank you for a well-managed online AGM yesterday. The agenda and circumstances of the meeting were very challenging (important agenda items and one very disruptive owner).

Throughout the meeting you acted professionally and ensured that the meeting was run to completion, having achieved the desired outcomes. We also wish to complement Pro Admin on the implementation of MRI Property Management online portal which provides useful - up to date, information to the Trustees at all times, assisting with good financial management of the Brinks Body Corporate.

Brinks Body Corporate

13 Oct 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Baie dankie dat ek altyd op jou knoppie kan druk - jy is altyd telefonies beskikbaar en reageer blitsig op my navrae. Dan is jy ook altyd baie vriendelik en behulpsaam


13 Feb 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you this morning. Thank you for your insight and guidance, already - I do believe that as a complex – and us as trustees will greatly benefit from your knowledge, experience and guidance. We look forward to traveling this road with you.


8 Feb 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Dankie vir julle goeie werk!


3 Feb 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

I would like to thank you in my personal capacity for the professional and the efficient way you execute your task as Portfolio Manager. Much appreciated.


28 Jan 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

A very good day to you. Thank you very much, I have received the statement.
PS: I did not expect you to respond so quickly. I am very impressed and I appreciate the excellent service.


27 Jan 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Dankie dat jy so mooi omsien na ons belange, ons waardeer jou.


27 Jan 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you so much for this report. Thank you for all your excellent stewardship and oversight 🌟


26 Jan 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you ladies, for the incredible assistance and support. We are moving forward and are making progress.


25 Jan 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Jammer ek vra jou alles... jou diens is so goed aan my... en dan voel ek goed teenoor jou ook...
Baie dankie vir jou altyd vriendelikheid en hulp teenoor my.


25 Jan 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Its great to have active team players. Keep it up guys.


12 Jan 2023

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you so much for the follow-up communication and the documents provided. We welcome you, and we as new Trustees are looking forward to working with you in 2023. Our sincere thanks to the professional service and support we have received from Pro Admin in 2022. Your generous support and availability to respond to all our queries has significantly eased the burden of our role as trustees.


15 Dec 2022

Property Rentals

Ek is alreeds vanaf 2004 deur Pro Admin bedien en het en kry nog steeds goeie diens van julle by 'n verskeidenheid van my verhuurde eiendomme.

Jimmy du Preez

5 Dec 2022

Sectional Title Schemes

You are a super star! I worked with you at Pro Admin for a while, and you are very dedicated and caring.


30 Nov 2022

Sectional Title Schemes - Rentals

You are my best Portfolio Manager: Rentals; Ever since I started working with Pro Admin. I have so much appreciation for your excellent work ethic so I thought you will be the best person to talk to if I wanted to buy an investment apartment in Pretoria.

Okobi Ekpo

29 Nov 2022

Sectional Title Schemes

I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent service provided by one of your portfolio managers; In appreciation of your professional conduct, may I mention your attention to detail, and promptness in tending to requests and in dealing with submitting information to and from the Trustees and the Body Corporate of the Falcons Complex in Eastwood Street, Arcadia, Pretoria. As a long-standing owner, I can say I have not, in all these years, experienced anything like it.
We employed the services of several managing agents over the years, but your performance remains outstanding. It makes such a difference in a world where we often have to settle for the mediocre.
All the best to Pro Admin - and with employees like yours, you can only be successful.


31 Oct 2022

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you. Your professionalism in handling our portfolio is much appreciated.


28 Sep 2022

Sectional Title Schemes

Baie dankie vir jou positiewe professionele insette as Voorsitter tydens ons na my mening baaie suksevolle 40 min besigheidsvergading. Sterkte vir die pad vorentoe saam met ons gewaardeerde vier Trustees! Ons weet hierdie vergadings neem ook baaie voorbereiding (selfs na- ure) vir sukses. Baaie Ridgewood groete.


21 Sep 2022

Sectional Title Schemes

I know it is still early days, but I want to tell you and your team, that since we have appointed Pro Admin as our managing agent, our worlds and days have changed for the positive. You took Henlo Park on in a time of real disarray. And have shown only good intent. Thank you for everything so far and please let me know if there is anything I can do to strengthen our business relationship.

 Henlo Park

13 Sep 2022

Street Awareness Day

Congratulations on a very well organised day. The marketing communication was excellent and the folks were very kind, helpful and informative. We enjoyed taking a walk there with my brothers. We will return on the 23rd as they said. Keep it up,  you folks are doing a phenomenal job and we all appreciate it.

 Faerie Glen Nature Village

10 Sep 2022

Management Reports

Thank you for the Minutes. I was most impressed at the efficiency with which you managed the AGM.


14 July 2022

Management Reports

I am just writing to thank you for the portal that you created so that we can login directly.

I am highly impressed and happy with the format created to display key information, using the MRI Portal software. It has made everything so clear. (I am probably too biased because numbers and their presentations have been my way of living.)

I am loving the dashboard that makes one absorb the information presented in graphs and in summaries (descriptive statistics) at a glance.

 Way to go Pro Admin, Keep it Up!

6 June 2022

Sectional Title Schemes

Thanks so much for your speedy, awesome service - as always, much appreciated.


6 Sep 2021

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you so much for the very efficient and professional service. It is much appreciated.


21 May 2021

Sectional Title Schemes

Thank you dear, you are a STAR. I tried solving this for more than a year without success.


25 April 2021

Sectional Title Schemes

Morning Trustees,
Well done on an excellent AGM last night, pity that we could not end at 20h00 as I had hoped and indicated to the members.
Overall I think it was a direction-setting AGM different from other ones where owners usually bring up petty conflicting issues.
You did very well!


1 Jan 2021

Sectional Title Schemes

Good day, Ahhh my goodness!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Five stars! If I had words for your competence, or a survey I could fill on your behalf so you can get a bonus or an email I could send to your boss about how delighted and overwhelmingly gracious Nassau is for the work you do I could do it all.... Thank you so much....! That is an understatement!

 – The Nassau Body Corporate

27 Aug 2020

Sectional Title Schemes

“Ek wil net graag vir julle bedank vir jul hulp met my navraag. Sy het uit haar pad gegaan om my te help, alhoewel sy nie op die blok betrokke is nie. Dankie vir jou goeie diens.”

15 May 2020


“Thank you for the comprehensive email that provided clarification. I'm very impressed with your work ethics; the speed of your response and the follow-up call earlier today are greatly appreciated. My experience with Pro Admin in recent times has been impressive mostly because of efficient staff like you.”

17 June 2020

Sectional Title Schemes

“Firstly the Nassau Body Corporate would like me to inform you of their appreciation and vote of confidence in the way you are doing your work in terms of debt collections.”

 – The Nassau Body Corporate

23 April 2020

Sectional Title Schemes

“Good day, The Nassau Body Corporate does not have words for this...It's truly beautiful, amazing and there's nothing like it... Please send a big thanks to the collections department. You and your team are doing a great job in Keeping Nassau Great!”

 – The Nassau Body Corporate

24 January 2020

Sectional Title Schemes

Ek wil net graag van die geleentheid gebruik om jul te komplimenteer rakende een van jul personeellede: Hul lewer uitstaande gehalte werk. Altyd vriendelik en stap waarlik die extra myl om iemand te probeer help. Dis mense soos sy wat sommer 'n dag ophelder.

 – Jeanette Malan

15 July 2019


 I would like to compliment one of your employees: On the 30th of May I occupied my new home.
Only to find that nobody was willing to assist with the electricity because the lawyer told me that it was a pre-paid Electricity but later, I found out that is not the case. I called your offices. He assisted me in a very professional manner. The next day I received my prepaid box and everything was sorted. These day’s people like him are very scarce. So thank you for all the assistance.

 – Susan Mavimbela

18 June 2019

Sectional Title Schemes

“Thanks for assisting so quickly with this - our Security system is now optimum! Thanks for contributing to our proud record of two years break-in free; hope I don't jinx it!

I absolutely enjoy having a support team like the one we have. . .

Thought to acknowledge that!”

 – Credo

14 June 2019

Sectional Title Schemes

Van die Vineyard Village trustees en eienaars wil ons net vir julle baie dankie se vir die goeie diens wat ons van julle af kry. Ons waardeer dit opreg. 

 – Jacques Pienaar

23 May 2019


Ek het dit ontvang - baie dankie vir jou moeite en uitstekende diens. Ek waardeer dit.

 – Ingrid

23 May 2019


Thank you so much for your swift response. I appreciate all your efforts. You’re a star. You don’t just listen but take action and consider clients feelings.

 – Claudia Aishida

2 April 2019

Sectional Title Schemes

Sjoe baie dankie hierdie is nou lekker bederf! Het nogals my lêer gedagboek om volgende week weer te vra. Wil jy nie maar by al die Body Corporates gaan werk nie?

 – Lydia van Dyk

Weavind & Weavind Attorneys, Notaries and Conveyancers

28 March 2019

Sectional Title Schemes

Baie dankie daarvoor. Aan die einde van die pad wat ek met Pro Admin saamgeloop het is ek dankbaar dat daar altyd 'n vriendelike reaksie op verskeie versoeke was. Dra asseblief. my waardering aan ander personeellede oor.

 – John Boje

2 Aug 2019

Sectional Title Schemes

Good day, I am thankful and glad today to be working with you good people from Pro Admin. You are the best. We used to struggle a lot with our former agency. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. With thanks.

 – Lynah Msiza

5 Aug 2019


Thank you for excellent customer service. You have good manners and highly skilled in resolving queries timeously. I was stressed about not having electricity but you were the calm voice who assured me of a solution. I sincerely hope Pro Admin values you as an employee and please forward this to your manager. God bless you, keep up the great work.

 – Reshma

27 Aug 2019


Sectional Title Schemes

To the managing agent's new team assigned to Mont Serrat, a very big thank you in your support and in making sure things run smoothly behind the scenes. I know that things are not always easy, but you have managed to assit us quite comfortably in the various challenges we have had. We look forward to working with you again in the new financial year.

8 Nov 2019